As of this writing, it’s 1030am EST, so not all that deep in the day. And To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You, which dropped today on Netflix, is already trending in the #2 position. It would be #1 not for the biggest band in the world distracting us all with their new concept photos ahead of the release of their new album. This is not a BTS post. But I’m working on one for later. The point is…

How are all these people already watching the movie?! I’m at work, my show notes are due in 20 minutes, I’m behind on this site because BTS will not stop taking over my life; I have etalk to shoot after The Social, and we’re taping my other show, Cravings: The Aftershow, today at 330pm. And you’re all out here already sharing memes. Like this one: 

This is why Kathleen was right. We were originally planning to watch PS I Still Love You on Friday at my place but only because that’s when we thought it was coming out. When we found out it was coming out on a Wednesday, we rescheduled, even though it’s a school night, because Kathleen, being the young person that she is, didn’t want to wait a whole 48 hours and get spoiled by the internet. 

But then we were invited to the Toronto opening night of Hamilton, which is tonight. So we are going to Hamilton after work and then going back to her place at midnight and watching PS I Still Love You and it’s probably going to be an all-nighter since one viewing is not enough and tomorrow both of us will be dead tired by also full in the heart – because THAT IS THE POWER OF LOVE.


Lana Condor’s been doing press all week to promote the movie and last night she was on with James Corden talking about how Lara Jean Covey changed her life, which turns into the cutest story about how she once stalked David Beckham. Only Lana can make an annoying fan story into the cutest thing ever. 


But seriously, what a week for Asian excellence. First Parasite, now To All The Boys: PS I Still Love You, and BTS’s relentless attack of our timelines…why didn’t I book this whole week off as a holiday?

Attached - Lana Condor at the Vanity Fair Oscars party and promoting PS I Still Love You at the Young Hollywood Studio in LA yesterday.