Dear Gossips,

How do you feel about Halloween? In my experience, you’re either not into Halloween or you are super into Halloween. And in the subgroup of those who are into Halloween, you’re either silly, scary, or sexy where costumes are concerned. If I HAVE to get into Halloween (and my job requires me to, which, when did this happen...? When did Halloween become extra as f-ck on television, requiring 18 costume changes? Do you care? Like do you turn on your TV specifically to see people on TV dressed up for Halloween?! I blame Heidi Klum and Kelly Ripa for this. It’s such a pain in the ass), I’m either silly or scary but never sexy. I don’t believe in pretty Halloween. Or …is it that I never believed in it because, as Jenny Han noted this weekend, my options were limited? In the 13 years that I’ve been working in television career, I have never been in costume as an Asian character. Ever. 

So this was one of the few highlights in what was otherwise a weekend full of sh-t – a thread that keeps giving and giving. Look at all these Lara Jeans!

Here’s the thing though – Lara Jean’s style is so cute, if you wanted to, you could dress as her every single day. 
Yours in gossip,