It looks like Larsa Pippen may be walking down the aisle again. But this time, towards Marcus Jordan, the son of her ex-husband’s teammate and frenemy, Michael Jordan. And some people are big mad.


Despite no official announcement of an engagement being made yet, Larsa was seen wearing a ring on her ring finger, and the couple was asked by a TMZ photographer about the possibility of wedding bells in the future.

“We’re looking for a location,” he replied. When the photographer pushed, inquiring about a date, he added, “It’s in the works,” before thanking the photographer when he congratulated them on their upcoming nuptials. 

Speculations about Marcus and Larsa being an item started swirling in September of 2022, almost a full year after her divorce to Scottie Pippen was finalized in December of 2021, but before they made it Instagram official in January. 

And while their 17-year age gap has driven sensational headlines and unsolicited feedback, it’s time we all calm down and extend Larsa and Marcus the same grace we extend to men who date women with similar age gaps, or age gaps that are even wider.

Most of the comments have come from people with absolutely no connection to the couple. Social media users responding to the news have slammed Larsa for being a cougar, calling their relationship “weird”


And then there were these users who had the following reactions to news the couple is looking to tie the knot:


But there was one person with a clear connection to the couple that commented that didn’t offer much support, either – Marcus’ dad, Michael. Last month, he was seen leaving dinner at Matignon in Paris and he was asked about whether he approves of his son’s relationship with Larsa. First, he laughed, then gave a firm “no” before getting into a vehicle.

Shortly after, Marcus and Larsa took to their podcast (yes, they have a podcast) to share their thoughts on MJ’s remarks. Marcus explained that after his encounter with the paparazzi, his dad called him and explained he had been drinking at dinner and meant it as a joke. Doubtful, but nice of him to reach out. 

"He was a little lit... I didn't put too much weight on it," Marcus explained on an episode of Separation Anxiety, before going on to say that he was glad his dad called because it was reassuring for Larsa that she wasn’t wrong in asserting that both of their families were supportive of their relationship. 


It makes sense that Michael wouldn’t be supportive. Their relationship puts him in an incredibly compromising position. After The Last Dance aired on Netflix, MJ and his former friend and teammate Scottie Pippen had a major falling out over Scottie’s displeasure with how he was portrayed in the series. So it’s probably not ideal that his new daughter-in-law-to-be is his ex-best friend’s ex-wife. That’s even messy to type! But messy as it may be, it is nobody’s business. Not Michael’s, not social media users, and not sports commentator Stephen A. Smith’s, who had this to say about the pair dating:

“Again, she was around. I don’t care what man you are, when you are dating someone, even if you don’t want them anymore, you don’t want to see them in your face with somebody else you tight with. You don’t want to see that, that’s too close to home. There’s certain lines you don’t cross.”

When it comes to the discourse about age gaps in relationships, which I’ve written about before, there is one commonality, and it’s that men who date younger women are rarely ever vilified in the same way that women who date younger men are. And the danger of narratives like Stephen’s push the idea that men’s feelings need to be centered in everything. When he’s saying ‘there’s certain lines you don’t cross’, he’s essentially telling Larsa she’s a piece of sh-t for dating someone with even the slightest affiliation to her ex-husband.

A lot of the comments under news articles are disparaging and imply she’s only in this for money, which completely ignores the wealth she’s been able to acquire for herself through her business ventures, as well as the money she makes from her role on the Real Housewives of Miami. 

“It won't last. She's trying to secure her future. That Scottie money will dry up soon. Her kids are aging out of child support. She'll crank out a baby by this guy so she can get a piece of MJ's money and another 18 years of support,” one user commented under a New York Post article.

“Seriously, this has to be cringy and embarrassing for both families. Dude, she’s being held together with Botox, rubber bands and paper clips. She’s going to look a full 60 years old in ten years when you could be dating 20’s and 30’s with whom you could start a family. Stop the madness for a quick lay,” another comment read.


It’s ironic that she’s being slammed for her age, while also being accused of scheming to “crank out a baby”. It’s also being predicted that she will “look a full 60 years old in ten years”, when she will quite literally be pushing 60. None of this makes any sense.

Larsa gave Scottie nearly two decades of her life, as well as four children. The couple is now divorced, the kids are old enough. So by all measures, she did her job as a wife and mother and is now living her life for herself. Why does that bother people so much? Why have I heard more negative things about Larsa and Marcus’ relationship than I ever heard about Robert De Niro’s relationship? Mick Jagger’s relationship? David Foster’s? 

"I can make my own decisions, he doesn't need to approve who I date or my personal relationships. He's gonna love me no matter what," Marcus continued. "I think that's what the takeaway was from the conversation, but of course no one sees that, they just see the headlines."

The energy encapsulated Marcus’ statement right there is none other than big d-ck energy. Grown man energy. He’s letting his dad and the rest of the world know that he’s going to do what he wants to do, and that he’s ready to accept whatever losses may come with that because he loves his girl. And if that is even the slightest indication into the kind of man he is, it’s no wonder Larsa is with him. 

Attached - Larsa and Marcus out for dinner at Catch last night in West Hollywood.