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Everything Everywhere All At Once!

The film that came out in April, before almost every other Oscar contender this year, and steadily picked up momentum, along with acclaim, to end up with over $100 million at the global box office and set the standard for the award season race to come. At this point unthinkable that Everything Everywhere All At Once won’t be nominated for Best Picture – it is a frontrunner for a nomination, for multiple nominations actually, including director, original screenplay, editing, cinematography, and acting. 


It was an emotional night on Monday for the EEAAO team, led by the Daniels, Kwan and Scheinert, at the Gotham Awards in New York where Everything Everywhere All At Once was named Best Feature and Ke Huy Quan won the award for Best Supporting Performance. Ke Huy was clearly moved by the moment – by this entire year and what it’s meant for his career. Because as he said on stage: 


As we have seen in the past, speeches at these events can often be like auditions for the Oscars. If the voters were watching, they’ve just seen Ke Huy Quan nail it. And now I’m crying and it’s only 7am. As I wrote last week in my post about Ke Huy Quan, he quit acting because no one wanted him. So for him to hear those three words from these filmmakers – “We Want You” – and then to make such an impact in this film, and then for this film to have the impact it has had in the industry, and now for this film to be part of award season, and for him to be holding an award for his own performance… 

What a story. A maddening and bittersweet and beautiful and chaotic story. Kinda like Everything Everywhere All At Once. 

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