I really have to give it to the Kardashians for the full range of controversies they get tangled up in from cheating to photoshopping to appropriating to Trump-ing and the list is endless and now it’s getting longer because Kim is now implicated in international artifact smuggling, what? (Dlisted) 


I missed this vote-off over at FUG the other day, the First Monday in May, and for the second year in a row there’s been no Met Gala but I did really enjoy thinking about whose look was better: Rihanna or Fan Bingbing? This… is not easy. Both are spectacular. I keep going back and forth. What’s your pick? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Certain members of the British press are pressed because Meghan Markle wrote a children’s book and these headlines are really f-cking ugly. As expected, Piers Morgan popped off about it because he’s a professional troll. Which brings me back to… tell me again why the British royal family continues to work with these clowns? (Cele|bitchy) 

This one is for our site manager, Emily, who is big on Jessie Ware – at least she was a couple of years ago, but kids change their interests all the time – and this Jessie Ware song is a bop. The video is great too and I like how it’s these times but also could also be from 80s times. (OMG Blog) 

Have you seen the amazing Extra gum ad? If not, this is two minutes of… release. Or anticipated release. We talked about this on the group chat this morning and many of us cried watching it. And then of course someone suggested that we all deserve a “pass” when “it’s time”. Which is an interesting thing to consider given what we’ve all been through: should we all get a “pass”, like for a week? I’m joking! (sort of) (Ad Week)