Hard to believe but maybe not… because the Dan Wootton scandal just keeps getting worse and worse and it was already very, very bad right off the top! But now Byline Times is sharing even more information. This story has blackmail and coercion and additional sexual harassment – which, again, are all very, very, very serious and yet, so much of the British media does not seem to be taking this seriously. And these are outlets that make weeks worth of coverage on SO MUCH LESS. (Cele|bitchy) 


An update on Taylor Russell and Harry Styles – in short, it’s still happening. (The Cut) 

I always love seeing Robin Roberts in stripes, and this striped dress is another winner. The colours are so good together and I actually really like the whole look with the slippers! Those slippers look so comfortable! I do wonder about the support though because I need support now, even with my slippers. F-cking plantar fasciitis. (Go Fug Yourself) 

There could have been more Kens. And those Kens would have been such great Kens! But they couldn’t make it work with their schedules. Also… in a separate universe Michael Cera may not have been Allan. (Pajiba) 

I loooooove a biscuit – and I already have what I consider the perfect biscuit recipe but I think maybe now I’m about to cheat on it because this recipe looks amazing…and uses mayo?! (Eater)