Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves comes out at the end of the month. Just waiting on that press tour to start any day now, but in the meantime, they are STILL cranking out trailers. The latest shows off lots of monsters, including multiple dragons—yay!—the gelatinous cube, a mimic chest, an owl bear (played in semi-human form by Sophia Lillis), and a displacer beast, the panther with wing-tentacles. There are also plenty of spells and portals, and let’s all take a moment to sigh in relief that the VFX don’t look like garbage. The film was shot in the summer of 2021, so they’ve had a solid eighteen months in post to make the film look not sh-tty, and probably Paramount releasing far fewer movies than, say, Disney-Marvel doesn’t hurt, either. Their resources aren’t spread as thin. Also, I love the wire pull stunt of the band of heroes being blown back by the dragon. Just a good, solid practical bit of business.


Lainey deemed me the go-to for D&D, which fair, I do play. Not as often these days as I did when I was younger, because life gets in the way, but I have a few characters I play every now and again. So I LOVE the bit with the skeleton at the end, because I have, indeed, had a dungeon master who counted every question asked in the course of team bickering as a question toward our dead guy, thus wasting our roll. I recognize this bit as Authentic Gaming Experience, but the comedic timing of the bit is good, too. I would also like to know if the skeleton guy is an actor in makeup and prosthetics, because he looks GREAT. Very cool and, I assume, a bit of an homage to Sam Raimi, although, really, we must remember that skeletons are our enemies, just waiting to rise against us. They are the dusty dry nemesis of flesh, we must always be prepared to fight in the inevitable Boney Wars. 


Here are Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez at the Kids Choice Awards last weekend, and Michelle Rodriguez in a weird mask out for dinner last night.