Dear Gossips,

Laura Dern is dating Baron Davis. US Weekly purchased the exclusive pictures yesterday and everybody online was talking about it as soon as they published. But Vulture also published a piece on Laura yesterday that I’ve pitched to Duana for us to talk about on the next episode of Show Your Work, which will be the first episode of the podcast of 2018, and why not kick off the new year with a woman who had one of the best years in 2017? Have you seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi yet? Didn’t Laura Dern give you a boner?!? She gave me a boner – several boners, in fact, because I’ve seen it so many times. 

Laura is 50, born in 1967, under the sign of the Goat. Let’s revisit my ma the Chinese Squawking Chicken’s Goat horoscope for this the Year of the Rooster from back in January:

There are two lucky stars guiding the Goat during the Year of the Rooster. One is a work star and the other is a love star. So there may be good luck coming in both your career and in romance.

Correct on both. You might even say she nailed it. 

Yours in gossip,