Kerry Washington went to school with Gwyneth Paltrow and even then, G, as Kerry says, was GWYNETH PALTROW, all emphasis. The Queen. Great. But I can’t take my eyes off Kerry’s hair on Ellen DeGeneres, her hair is SO good right now, and this gorgeous dress. I love this dress on her so much. I love this dress period. And it seems comfortable enough though it has a waist. (Dlisted) 

Gigi Hadid was criticised by some troll on social media for her street style which is a stretch because, seriously, when does Gigi ever look bad and also… how is this not a great outfit? The puffy coat is great. And the puffy coat IS fashion. Nobody needs to be wearing a puffy coat right now in New York. It’s not cold enough yet. So this jacket was chosen for the look – and it’s a good look. (Cele|bitchy) 

Lovely red dress on Laura Dern but, then again, this is all my jam – high fashion prairie vibes. Into the high collar, into the shape, into the sleeves, don’t even mind that it’s red. Wish we could get a better look at the footwear though. I think those are desert boots and, if that’s the case, I’m into that too. (Go Fug Yourself) 
The latest example of how my dogs are useless and other dogs have all the skills. This dog is playing Jenga. Meanwhile, one of my dogs, is back to eating other dogs’ sh-t and might have to wear a sh-t eating prevention muzzle on his walks because for some reason it tastes better when the temperatures drop. (Pajiba) 

According to this Buzzfeed quiz, your fashion choices can determine your most attractive quality. So you pick an outfit in every colour and it tells you your best attribute. Mine made me laugh. Apparently I have “natural, superb cooking skills”. I only learned what a colander was in this decade and I still don’t know how to identify a rutabaga. (Buzzfeed)