Let’s review. What have I said is my number-one requirement for people attending awards shows? 

You have to act like you’re having fun! 

I know it’s a pain to get ready. I know it’s tense to find out whether you’re going to win in your category, or, if you’ve done this before and know that statistically you’re probably not going to win, to have a lot of energy for the forced smiling and cavorting afterward. 

But it’s a PARTY. That people tune in to watch around the world. If you want to stay home and snark I do not blame you, but if you’re coming to the party, COME! Nobody likes the person who slouches in the corner and ruins everyone’s vibe. 

This is why I will always have time for Laverne Cox. When she shows up to something, she is there all the way. 

And look – it’s not like she’s not focused on other things. Most people caught a glimpse of her rainbow clutch: 


It says “Oct 8 – Title VII – Supreme Court”. It’s an upcoming court case that will determine whether federal law bans discrimination based on trans status. She brought the ACLU lawyer who’s going to argue it, Chase Strangio, as her guest on the carpet. It’s awesome, and I love the way that celebrities have found a way to hack the carpets and make them work for them, so they don’t feel they have to put the rest of their lives aside, or feel disingenuous if they’re not using their platform to promote what’s important to them, either in their accessories or guests or acceptance speeches, if they’re so lucky. It’s enterprising (for good) and surprising. 

So I love that she’s here with this important message, AND she’s wearing a super-extra gown, AND she was twirling it at any camera that happened to be on her. Have a good time! It’s supposed to be a party! It doesn’t mean you can’t also care about other things, or that you’re frivolous – as Laverne Cox expertly shows us, it means you’re adept at doing both.