Sasha is very excited about these new vegan boots. And she’s right – I do want the chrome ones. They would look so good with my mom jeans. 

Leah Remini is calling out Tom Cruise for being complicit in alleged Scientology abuses. And you know what’s weird? The way she describes it, she’s making it sound like Tom is … like the Kraken of the Church. You know how all bad guys have a super monster that they unleash on their enemies? According to Leah, Tom’s the super monster who beats the sh-t out of people. Remember in Oceans Eleven when Andy Garcia hired a Kraken-dude to beat the sh-t out of George Clooney while two bodyguards waited outside and they faked it with grunts and groans so that George could sneak out and make the heist? This, apparently, is not how Tom plays the job. (Dlisted) 

Wait…WHAT? So there’s a movie coming out that’s based on Harry Styles fan-fiction. I don’t know how I missed this. Because I am normally the CNN of bad young and new adult trashy books. How did I miss this? The movie is called After. It looks really bad. Which is too bad because the guy in it looks really hot. (Pajiba)

Justin Bieber celebrated American Thanksgiving and the birthday of his wife. It’s the first birthday between the two of them since they got married. It’s the first birthday between the two of them since they got back together. On HIS most recent birthday, you’ll recall, HE WAS STILL WITH SELENA GOMEZ. That was six months ago. (TMZ) 
Whose name do you associate with the Philipp Plein fashion line? I associate it with Lindsay Lohan. Right? The first time I heard of Philipp Plein was when she was the ambassador or whatever. And, frankly, that’s why I don’t think all that highly of it. Which speaks to the importance of choosing the right ambassador. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Supposedly Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be reaching a settlement soon and supposedly that settlement involves him getting more time with the children. Interesting wording – “more time”. What Brad is seeking is joint custody. If he was getting joint custody, why wouldn’t they just call it joint custody? (Cele|bitchy)

Someone has put together a Meghan Markle-inspired gift guide. (Vanity Fair)