Leah Remini’s anti-Sci Emmy

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Leah Remini’s show, Scientology and the Aftermath, won the Emmy for Outstanding Information Series at the Creative Arts Emmys on Sunday. I’m not sure the Outstanding Information Series Emmy winner ordinarily generates a lot of headlines. The reason it’s generating headlines, of course, is because Leah Remini has a platform and also because she’s been using that platform to criticise the Church of Scientology which is associated with other more famous people.

During her acceptance speech, Leah thanked her mother and joked that she had “officially forgiven (her mother) for getting us into a cult”. On a more serious note, she also spoke about the people whose stories were told on the show, and thanked them for the risk they took in sharing. Have you seen Scientology and the Aftermath? I’ve watched half of an episode and I was into it, but I think I got sidetracked by something and then forgot to go back. Anyone I know though who does watch it is obsessed. The stories are compelling –some might say they’re terrifying – but also, Leah Remini knows how to tell a story. Because it’s not like the information hasn't been online for years. It’s just that she’s been able to curate it all and get it into a series that’s been digestible. Obviously the Academy thought so too. Or maybe they just recognised her name, probably the most recognisable name in that category, and put a checkmark in the box without actually watching the show. Either way, Leah’s lording it over the Church. And it might make things even more interesting on Sunday when the main show Emmys are happening. Not sure if Leah is going. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her there though. She’s now a series regular on Kevin Can Wait. The season premiere is happening a week after the Emmys. I can’t imagine CBS wouldn’t want her there promoting the show. And if she is there, how far apart on the carpet will they keep Leah and Elisabeth Moss?

You know what we haven’t yet talked about re: Elisabeth Moss and Scientology? This:


Elisabeth Moss is a Scientologist. Nicole Kidman was married to the most prominent Hollywood Scientologist and was, supposedly, declared a Suppressive Person after they divorced. But Elisabeth and Nicole worked together on Top Of The Lake: China Girl. And clearly got on well, or pretended to get on well, even though Scientologists are supposed to avoid SPs. Did Elisabeth get special permission to work with an SP? Or has Nicole’s SP status been lifted after so many years of abstaining from talking about the Church?

Leah wrote in her book that she’s always admired Nicole, especially when after she quit the Church: 

"During this confusing early period, I sometimes felt adrift," Remini recalled in her book. "But I had one figure I kept front and center in my mind to keep from going crazy: Nicole Kidman. That’s right, Tom Cruise’s ex was my guardian angel. Although I never met her or attempted to meet her, I thought about her a lot."

Nicole will definitely be at the Emmys on Sunday. As will Elisabeth. And Leah too. I mean, I doubt any crazy sh-t will go down. But imagine?!

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