Dear Gossips,   

The #1 movie at the box office this coming weekend will likely be Sonic 2 and I get why. Never saw the first one but every kid I know was and is obsessed with it. And it’s not like I’m all that immersed in kid life but any time I’m around a kid, Sonic comes up without fail. 


If Sonic isn’t your thing, though, and you’re in the mood for a movie, it just so happens that the most acclaimed film of 2022 is in theatres right now: Everything Everywhere All At Once. I screened it a couple of weeks ago, I’m still thinking about it, I don’t know how to describe it because it really is everything everywhere all at once. A family drama and a comedy, a multiverse story, an identity piece, a movie about movies, a meditation on what it means to be human, a movie that celebrates bagels? It is funny and f-cked up and deeply weird but also profoundly earnest and Sarah can put it into words better than I can when her review is posted tomorrow, but for now, I’ll join all the others out there in saying, hoping, hopefully predicting, that Michelle Yeoh will be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar (and she should win!) for her performance in this film, even though we’re literally still a year away from that because, HOLY F-CKING SH-T is this a showcase of all her everything everywhere all at once. 

And nobody knows it more than Michelle herself: 


That’s Michelle Yeoh. She’s a f-cking legend – and I know we throw that word carelessly around these days but in her case, there’s nothing facetious about it. She’s MICHELLE YEOH. And after the career she’s had, and she’s done SO MUCH, she’s only finally being fully unleashed now. If that clip alone is not enough to get you to see this movie, well, sorry, but you might not deserve her.

Michelle Yeoh is indeed everything everywhere all at once in all the timelines. She is booked and busier than ever. She’s featured in TIME, the aforementioned GQ profile, covering The Hollywood Reporter; she is turning 60 later this year and is still unstoppable. I’m telling you, the passionate reaction to her in this film and the film in general is the kind of momentum that can be sustained over the course of a year. She has set the standard for 2022 to which every other performance will have to be held up to. I’m just surprised they didn’t hold this for Cannes to give Everything Everywhere the festival prestige. But maybe they know she doesn’t need it. She should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actress a few years ago for her work in Crazy Rich Asians and it’s inconceivable to me at this point that she won’t be in the conversation for Best Actress Oscar before the end of this year. Totally unfathomable. Go see Everything Everywhere All At Once. 

Yours in gossip,