I had to shake my head and adjust my eyes just now because…can you believe Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have been married now for over six years?! Seriously, in my mind Blair Waldorf juuuuuust graduated university. In real life, however, Leighton and Adam recently welcomed their second child, a boy. Daughter Arlo is now five. 


Here are Leighton and Adam surfing yesterday and I love them. I know I’m not alone. I know you’re out there, those of you who remember the early 2000s, lived in the space between The OC and Gossip Girl, and have always known that Blair Waldorf was the heart and soul and everything of that show, while acknowledging that it had its flaws. Blair was THE ONE. 

As for Adam, he has a role in Promising Young Woman, which premiered to really strong reviews at Sundance, was scheduled for release in April and… you know. Carey Mulligan is the star and Adam plays the kind of guy who looks like the nice guy, you know? The one who just wants to make sure you’re ok. Because you can tell he comes from a nice home, right? He was taught to be considerate. And those guys disappoint you too. God I’m desperate to see this film, but they still haven’t announced an updated release date yet for the film. God I can’t wait to see it. If it’s been a while, here’s the trailer again. 



As you can see, Adam’s got the COVID hair going. And he is getting hotter and hotter. Just me? 

Next couples update: Rachel McAdams and Jamie Linden are expecting their second child and took advantage of a child-free night to have dinner in the park. Excellent COVID activity. Pick up takeout, find a park bench, enjoy the outdoors…if you’re the kind of person who can eat outdoors. I cannot eat outdoors, I find it very uncomfortable, not even on a patio, so this is not an option for me. 

Rachel’s last movie was Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga and she’s really leaning back into her comedy groove; I like this space for her. So far there are no confirmed upcoming projects for Rachel, not that there’s a lot of movement in production anyway. Which works out well for her personally. By the time she has the baby and manages through the first few months, everything will be rolling again…right? Right? RIGHT? 

Wear your mask! Stay distanced! Vote!