Throw it back 15 years. If I asked you then to predict who would have gotten married first out of all the Olsen sisters, Ashley, Mary-Kate, or Elizabeth, who would you have said? Elizabeth wasn’t even famous then so between Ashley and MK, who would it have been? Would it have been MK? MK has been married now for almost four years. It was reported yesterday that Ashley is now engaged. And Elizabeth too. My favourite detail from MK’s wedding was that there were bowls of cigarettes on offer at the reception. Will there be a repeat of this when either Ashley or Elizabeth get married? (Dlisted) 

I don’t remember ever seeing Lena Dunham with hair this long. Almost didn’t recognise her. And I think I like it on her, do you? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Well you knew this was coming. When the paps got shot of Jennifer Lopez getting a Porsche from Alex Rodriguez for her 50th birthday last week, there was a cinematographer there documenting the moment. Because, as I said, they are all self-archivists these days. They’ve now released the video. JLo seems truly delighted. She also says she’s never driven a car like this and maybe hasn’t driven a car ever? I know this seems hard to believe but she grew up in New York where not everybody needs a car and for 25 years now she’s been JENNIFER LOPEZ AKA JLO and doesn’t have to drive herself. So… how often will this car be driven, really? (Cele|bitchy) 

How do you feel about drones? A few weeks ago, someone was flying a drone in my neighbourhood. The sound is super annoying. I wasn’t bothered but Jacek got all huffy dad about it, stomping out to the deck to glare and then stomping back inside to bitch and then going online to research drone community bylaws. I have a friend whose neighbour has a drone that comes right up to their window. If drones get that invasive, can you smash them? Like with a wok? Anyway, if your neighbour’s drone looked like this one, would you mind as much? It’s an octopus. Look how f-cking elegant this sh-t is! I’m the reason we’re all going to kill each other, I know. (OMG Blog) 

I am so bad at guessing “celebrities when they were kids” photos. So bad. But this one is hard. At least I think it’s hard. She would NOT have been on my top 5 of guesses. You? Don’t read the caption, just look at the photo and guess. (TMZ)