Do you know who’s 57 years old today but he could be 27 or 37 or 47 and when he’s 67 it’ll be the same? And it’s really not the memory eyes either. The way we see him is the way he looks. How does he do this? HOWWWW!? (Dlisted)  


The Fug Girls are losing it over these trousers and … sure, I can see why, and I’m not sure I would call them “trousers” but, the thing is, I feel like if there really is a problem with the pants – if you can call them pants – is not so much the pants themselves but how they’re styled. I like a fishnet but not like this. What I really can’t get down with, though, are the shoes. Imagine this with a t-shirt, no fishnets, and a pair of platform sneakers. It’s a totally different – and much better – vibe! (Go Fug Yourself) 

I have never been to a wedding where they served fries and chicken tenders and I really, really, really want to change this. And I wouldn’t change the amount of money I put in the envelope either – because fries and chicken tenders (there better be a lot of different sauce options) at a wedding doesn’t happen often. It would be special! So I’m with Blake Shelton on this one. (Cele|bitchy) 


The Story of “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. I love this song. It’s so specific of an era – and every time I hear it, which is not often, I go right back there. I can almost smell all my hangouts. I can feel the clothes I wore then on my body. (OMG Blog) 

I enjoy Gilmore Girls. But I’m not religious about it like a lot of other people. That said, this piece celebrating Lane Kim is exactly my kind of crusade! Give Lane Kim more flowers, cookies, quinoa – whatever it is that the kids are saying these days, give it to her! (Vox)