Weekend one of Coachella 2022 – after two years of no flower crowning, Coachella came back this weekend and was a big celebrity draw, bringing back some festival regulars, including Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo’s given us some great pop culture moments at Coachella – and his most famous Coachella moment was all about the choreo. This is the fifth anniversary of these moves!



Springtime is Leo time. Leo time is party time. “Where the party at?” is basically is his life slogan, and Leo goes where the party is – Coachella in April and Cannes in May. It remains to be seen whether or not he’ll be in Cannes this May but since everything is way open for business as usual now, as we saw at Coachella over the last three days, I would imagine Leo is eager to get back on a yacht in the South of France, and hit up the parties every night. Surrounded by models… or just one model? 

Camila Morrone was with Leo at Coachella this weekend wearing an outfit that almost feels like throwback Coachella. We’re two months away from her 25th birthday – things are looking up! Can she beat the record of 25.25 years old? That would mean she has to make it to at least September as Leo’s bona fide.


Timothée Chalamet is also no stranger to the Coachella experience. And it seemed like he was all over the place at the festival. There are photos of him up and down Twitter and Instagram taking pictures with fans, jumping up and down, dancing hard with this friends, popping in for The Weeknd’s set and Billie Eilish’s, and also… a bathroom break at the portable toilet. 

Timothée Chalamet uses the portable at Coachella
Timothée Chalamet uses the portable at Coachella

This is why I don’t f-ck with festivals. I can’t live outside for that amount of time, I don’t have the constitution. I am too pathetic and unresourceful, generally the weakest and the worst example of human race resilience – so, no, Coachella and other festivals like it are not an option for me because I could not go where Timmy went. I cannot pee in a portable, and certainly not, like Timmy did, in the f-cking dark, Christ Jesus!

I mean, credit to him, I guess, for using what looks like a non-VIP portable, but also… it’s different for men, when you can stand and aim and that seems a lot easier to me, you don’t have to engage your abs, glutes, and quads in a squat and then hope it’s a strong stream and not a dribble down the side of your leg. Never in my life have I wanted to party so bad that I would willingly put myself in this position. And for hours on end. I salute the rest of you who have this strength of character.