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This lady may not have the couture of Celine Dion…but I think there’s some shared spirit. As in the no f-cks to give kind of spirit. As in when you love something that much, you want the world to know kind of spirit. As in when you’re that happy, even your brassiere has to come out kind of spirit. Brassiere. It’s a classy word. For a classy lady. And don’t you dare read any sarcasm into that. Because I promise you there is none. There’s only respect. More respect for her than for most of the aristocrats who use fine china but are true trash behind closed doors. (Dlisted)

Someone actually asked me yesterday, “Is it maybe sort of cool that Leonardo DiCaprio is bragging about his dad bod?” F-ck no. It’s even more insulting. He’s not bragging about his dad bod. He’s bragging about the fact that he has to make no effort because the pussy is available all the time. A guy like that, who knows and boasts about the fact that he never has to try? How do you think he’ll actually treat you? (Cele|bitchy) 

Ryan Reynolds’s pun about Wonder Woman – are you a pun person? I have a friend who can’t resist a pun. By definition a pun is a little corny, right? Like even the most clever pun can be met with a groan? Or is a good pun supposed to be “cool” only and definitely not corny? Because the way I see it, puns can be smart, you can cringe at them too? (Pop Sugar)

Do you remember the time John Travolta and Nicholas Cage traded faces? Have you seen it lately? It’s a GREAT movie. And I will show you the door if you don’t agree. Because if you have no time for Face/Off I’m going to assume you’re the kind of person who tries to drop Citizen Kane into every one of your conversations. No one has the time for this. Anyway. Johnny Depp, apparently, thought Face/Off was supposed to be his opportunity to challenge Rob Lowe in Youngblood? HAHAHAHAAHAHAH.  (Pajiba)

The fight is happening, the venue is set. But I really just wanted to post these pictures of Conor McGregor walking around shirtless in on Rodeo Drive. Rodeo Drive! How throwback! The first press conference for the Mayweather-McGregor fight is happening tonight. Presumably that’s why Conor is there. And then they’re coming to Toronto tomorrow, New York on Thursday, and London on Friday before getting back to training for the fight in August. I think they’re calling this the fight of the century. So Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber and every celebrity you can think of already has their tickets. Here’s dumbass question because I’m a fight-idiot: doesn’t Conor normally fight bare-handed? Will he be as effective with gloves on? (TMZ) 

Princess Kate apparently wore a different dress on the way to Pippa Middleton’s wedding. And then she changed into the champagne coloured dress we saw her in. Which was sh-t. She should have stayed in the first one. (Vanity Fair) 

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