I posted yesterday about David Beckham at the amfAR gala in Cannes and predicted that he would hang out with Leonardo DiCaprio. And that’s what happened. As Variety reports:

Leo and David! Leo and David! Everybody was trying to get near this year’s power duo at the Cannes amfAR gala. At around 8 p.m., at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes, the world’s biggest movie star was chatting with the famous soccer player, as bodyguards flicked away photographers. Leonardo DiCaprio looked animated, using his fingers to count down talking points, as David Beckham nodded politely.

Was Leo listing off on his fingers which models he had dibs on? Was he listing off on his fingers which ones he’s already initiated? Like, I’m happy to hear you offer up a theory about how Leo was lecturing David on environmental concerns but…you know. YOU KNOW. Are you telling me Leonardo DiCaprio went to Cannes, as he does every year, and showed up at the amfAR gala, where there are more models than champagne flutes, to talk David Beckham’s ear off about social issues?

Leo and David were seated at the same table. A private soccer match with David and his friends was auctioned off at the event for $390K. Leo signed a Jaguar that went for $670K. Will Smith played auctioneer for a while and really brought up the energy in the room. But you’ll note, while everyone else was photographed at certain points of the night by accredited event photographers – even Tobey Maguire who got up on stage during the auction – the only pictures of Leo inside the event are of him at his table, his back facing whoever was snapping from what’s presumably a cellphone. Because Leo would have turned away all official requests for photos. Don’t you love it when a celebrity shows up at a charity gala and doesn’t want to be seen?