Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his 48th birthday last weekend in LA with a big party attended by all kinds of celebrities with the exception of Gigi Hadid, his current girlfriend. Not that Leo can’t party without a girlfriend. Girlfriends come and go for Leo….but he’ll always have the party, he’ll party, literally, until the break of dawn. 


To answer the question, though, of whether or not Gigli are still a thing – they had dinner at Cipriani on Friday and were photographed leaving separately. You can see those shots at Page Six. Not sure how romantic the dinner was because they weren’t alone. And it wasn’t just the security detail, although to note, the bodyguards might not have been for them because they were hanging out with Vivi Nevo, the mysterious billionaire. 

Back in the 2000s, Vivi Nevo’s name would come up all the time in connection with celebrities even though nobody really knew all that much about him. The NYT called him the “media powerhouse everyone and nobody knows” with a quote from Graydon Carter, still the editor of Vanity Fair at the time, who said that, “He is everywhere, all the time, like no one I have ever seen”. And yet, for a long stretch, he was also “unGoogleable”. Vanity Fair did manage to get an interview with him in 2015 but other than that, he’s pretty undercover, unlike his some of his billionaire contemporaries. 


Leo seems to be friendly with a lot of billionaires – Roman Abramovich, Vladislav Doronin, Jeff Bezos, Ernesto Bertarelli, just to name a few. Leo also cares about the environment. Do you think he talks to his billionaire friends about climate change? Do you think he and Vivi Nevo talked about the recent Oxfam study that was released that found that billionaires and their investments account for a million times more greenhouse gases than the average person? Vivi is a venture capitalist. Investing is kinda his thing. Perhaps he and Leo discussed this over their gnocchi. 

Back to Leo and Gigi though, or just Leo in general with his girlfriends – how often are they on their own? He and his crew have been referred to as the Pussy Posse for a reason. It’s not just that they’re always model-hunting, it’s that they do it together, they roll deep. More often than not, when we see Leo with whoever he’s bonafided for the moment, they’re surrounded by his entourage. When he’s on holiday on a oligarch’s yacht in the Mediterranean, he’s there with his boys and his girl. Dating him is like dating a whole social circle.

This isn’t necessarily unique to Leo. I mean, Drake rarely moves without at least half of OVO along for the ride. It’s what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately ever since I watched Selena Gomez’s documentary, My Mind and Me, because she is almost never alone throughout the film. It’s something we see with a lot of very famous people – another aspect of big fame that is never not weird: they can’t be alone, or they won’t be alone. Does that make them less lonely or more lonely? 

Attached - Gigi out in New York on Friday.