Alpha Wolf Leonardo DiCaprio was seen in Malibu this week celebrating the Fourth of July with several members of his Wolf Pack including Kevin Connolly and Tobey Maguire, which means Lukas Haas to be there somewhere. Orlando Bloom, not a founding member of the Wolves-previously-known-as-the-Pussy-Posse but probably a fully initiated brother by now?, was also there.

It's 2017. A glorious time to be alive. Because this Independence Day, all of them are single. Tobey hasn't been single on the Fourth of July in over a decade. I wonder if, for Leo, this feels like turning back time. Like the band getting back together. No wives or girlfriends around to slow their roll. Pretending they don't have dad bods. At midnight they howl at the moon. Maybe it's a taste of 2002 all over again. That's when Leo made his "comeback". Or turnaround. He was 28 years old. He was desperate to get away from Titanic and for people to stop focusing on his partying and modelising. 2002 was the year of Catch Me If You Can and The Gangs Of New York. They opened 5 days apart in December and, well, the era of Leonardo DiCaprio, Important and Serious Film Actor, began there. All the post-Titanic perks now came with a prestige bonus. Did you ever read the New York Times 2002 profile on Leo that came out when he was promoting both films? It's been 15 years. It's worth a revisit. Out of one side of his mouth he's fronting like he doesn't care about being a celebrity. Out of the other side he can't help but notice other celebrities. Tells you a lot about who he was then. But maybe more about who he is now.