Leonardo DiCaprio is currently in Cannes. He and Brad Pitt will walk up the red steps into the Palais this week, with Quentin Tarantino, in support of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, probably the most highly anticipated film of the festival, and certainly the one with the most celebrity punch. Ahead of the screening, QT posted an appeal to audiences:

It’s his version of “Thanos demands your silence”. 

Leo, obviously, arrived in Cannes earlier – to get used to the time zone, of course, but also because… THERE ARE PARTIES. Oh and his girlfriend, Camila Morrone, also has a film in the festival. Mickey and the Bear premiered a few days ago. He did not walk the carpet with her. As if. Will she walk the carpet with him for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? As if. 

He did, however, play the part of “Instagram Boyfriend” the other day at the Hotel du Cap. You know what would make my gossip life? I would rename this site “Blake Lively is Amazing” for a week if Blake Lively posted one of these shots of Leo with Camila side by side with one of hers on Instagram…


Remember that?! Here’s why, during that time, I kept calling her “Blake Lively: How did she DO that?!”– because it was the first real flex of Blake’s game. Just before Blake and Leo took that trip through Europe, she was dealing with a nude photo hack. The way she brushed it off was by going to Verona, OF ALL PLACES, with Leo Romeo DiCaprio, and, with the paparazzi present, he willingly posed for photos the way Camila is posing for photos, only with Blake holding the camera. How did she DO that? 

Blake and Leo lasted until October of that year – supposedly because SHE was the one who didn’t want to get serious with HIM. Five minutes after it was reported that Blake and Leo were over, she was with Ryan Reynolds. Let’s revisit that timeline: 

December 2010: Ryan and Scarlett Johansson announce their divorce.

May 2011: Blake and Leo are hanging out

June 2011: Blake and Ryan promote Green Lantern

Early October 2011: Blake and Leo split

Mid October 2011: Blake and Ryan are together 

September 2012: Blake and Ryan get married. 

Leonardo DiCaprio was a stop-gap for Ryan Reynolds!

This moment in Gossip Nostalgia was brought to you by Shakespeare. O, I’m fortune’s fool!