Leonardo DiCaprio and his bonafide, Camila Morrone, have been on holiday on a yacht in Sardinia. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the photos from the last few days. Leo’s been locked in with Camila for about a year and a half now. She turned 22 back in June. Lots of time then. 

Sean Penn and his girlfriend Leila George were also seen on the boat with Leo. Sean and Leila have been together since at least October 2016. She’s now 27 years old, it’s a 32 year age gap, which is 10 more than the age gap between Leo, 44, and Camila, 22. Does having Sean on his boat make Leo look good? 

Well, if the question is about looking good, neither one of them has looked good in a decade, maybe more, but they get by on memory fumes. I’m not here to mock their dad bods though. What I want to ask about is equivalency. 

Men like Leo and Sean, with their dad bods, clearly have no problem dating much younger women in their physical prime. This is socially and culturally normalised. How often do we see women with mom bods in the reverse relationship? Is that socially and culturally normalised? Has Leo ever seen a mom bod or is the Wolfpack instructed to make sure that never a mom bod should come into his vision? What would happen if someone with a mom bod tried to approach him? Other than asking if she had a daughter (18 or older, OF COURSE, because Leo would never, ever, EVER dream of being with anyone younger than 18), what would Leo say to a woman with a mom bod that matched his own dad bod? What use would Leo have for his equivalent in a woman? Can someone please conduct this experiment?