The last time Leonardo DiCaprio went to the Oscars with a date who wasn’t a relative was in 2005, Gisele Bundchen. It was kind of a big deal back then because up to that point, and mostly still now, Leo’s method has been to never put his love life on display. That year, though, he and Gisele walked the carpet together hand in hand. She was pretty excited, I remember vividly the glow on her face, how much I loved her white dress, a dress and a look that still holds up today. While Gisele seemed thrilled to be there with him, at times, by my Photo Assumption, Leo looked kinda pained:


As Gisele has said of her relationship with Leo, she wanted to move forward and he… never has. Until this year’s Oscars? 

Camila Morrone has been his bonafide for two years now. She arrived at the Oscars without him – at least she was seen on the carpet on her own, and they left a major gap between them before he made his dash towards the theatre. But they did sit together and there were multiple cutaways of them during the show, which I’m sure he must have hated but it was unavoidable given where he was seated and at this point in his career, you have to figure that Leo would understand what a front row seat at the Oscars means, and what would happen if you bring your girlfriend….

Who wore a strapless white dress and her hair in a middle part. 


Coincidence or conspiracy? I mean, I know the dresses are differently cut. But it’s still two strapless dresses of the same colour family and models and Leo and … 

Maybe Camila wouldn’t remember it or know to look it up because she’s actually younger NOW than Gisele was THEN. I hope you let that point sink in but just in case you need it again, Camila Morrone is younger now than Gisele Bundchen was in 2005 when she was dating Leonardo DiCaprio. 

So when Gisele went to the Oscars with Leo, Camila was, like, 7 years old or something. It’s not part of her pop culture memory the way it is ours. Showing up in a strapless pale gown to the Oscars could totally have been accidental on her part. On his part though, I wonder if it triggered anything… or if there’s nothing to trigger since, well, how does he differentiate? 

PS. For all the Leo cutaways last night, I wish they’d cut to him during Eminem’s performance! Because you KNOW that’s who Leo’s always fantasised about being!