Do they still sell TV dinners like the kind they had when I was growing up? I know people look down on TV dinners like they’re the worst of humanity but I used to LOVE them. One of the reasons is because that’s not the kind of food we ate at my place – like mashed potatoes and gravy. Even if they were fake mashed. And to be honest, I actually like fake mashed. I will eat fake mashed potatoes over turkey ANY DAY. My only complaint about TV dinners is that the portions were too small. (Dlisted)


Leslie Jones has something to say about dog shows. Actually, she has a lot to say. I laughed through all of it. But how many people do you think told her to watch Best in Show? (Pajiba) 

Like the Fug Girls, I went through every emotion reading about Drew Barrymore’s grandparents on the occasion of their wedding anniversary. Also… did I not know that back in the day makeup used to be corrosive, literally?! And also, because my brain has been Instagram-f-cked…. Look at the quality of these wedding pictures! Is there a filter on them? Because my GOD that looks good. (Go Fug Yourself)

Katy Cambridge has revealed the results of her Early Years five questions survey and the findings are...not that groundbreaking. But you know what? Maybe the whole point is that we can’t assume everyone knows everything. So the next step is education and how to translate these findings into action and programs. Looking forward to that in 2021. (Cele|bitchy) 

I don’t understand what happened here. I’m a Libra and according to this zodiac list, my BTS song according to my zodiac sign is “Make it Right” which… I mean the song is fine, but it’s definitely not my favourite BTS track, not even close. This is what I mean when I say I put more stock into the Chinese zodiac than the western one. The Chinese zodiac would have me that my BTS song is “Home”. (Teen Vogue)