Plaid was big last year. It has carried over to this year. Here’s Leslie Jones in a full plaid suit, perfect for the season, perfect on her. It fits her beautifully. The jacket sits nicely around her shoulders, through the waist. And I love the pant length on her. 

Some people, I’ve heard, are afraid of an all-plaid suit. They’re worried it’s too costumey. Like dressing up as a golfer. I could think of worse ways to look. What’s wrong with looking like you’re playing golf?!? Actually never mind. Golf attire for women is TRASH. My dream is to launch a line of women’s golf clothing. If there could be a women’s line of golf-wear inspired by what Leslie is wearing, I would buy it. That’s how I would design it. A plaid three-button short-sleeve with a matching plaid skort that - omg - does not go down to the knees. Seriously. Nobody looks good in a knee-length golf skirt, why do they keep making them?!?