Today has been a sh*tstorm of bad and worse news. From the moment I opened my Twitter feed during my morning commute to you reading this right now, it’s just been a parade of garbage. I’m afraid to go on social media because it’s one of those days where everything makes me some combination of sad, angry, and embarrassed—we’re having more and more of those days—so I’ve mostly been checking on any possible asteroids hurtling toward us to deliver the doom we so richly deserve, and looking at pictures of puppies. Here is a beagle being a very good dog:

Something else that made me smile today, and might make you smile, too, is Lupita Nyong’o dancing around Comic-Con dressed as the Pink Power Ranger. I have legit watched this no less than ten times, and it makes me smile every time. Lupita has moves! And she is FUN! (But we knew this. I just watched it again.) In case you haven’t seen the news today, transgender rights are under attack. If you, like me, are frustrated and upset and unsure how to direct your energy, here is a list of resources and advocacy groups, with a variety of ways to get involved and put our energy into things that will, hopefully, make for positive change. Now, let Lupita’s light and joy carry you away for a brief respite from sh*tf*ck reality of our trash world.