The party may have been in New York last week but now that the Met Gala is over, the party scene has shifted to Miami for the premiere of the Miami Grand Prix. Some are already wondering if the party and excess energy of Miami will rival Monaco’s status as the crown jewel of the sport. It’s actually kind of amazing that F1 and Miami haven’t gotten together until now because they’re so perfectly suited for each other. Hot city, hot cars, hot music, hotspot for celebrities… how did we go so long without Miami being on the schedule? And we’ll say the same thing when Vegas is added to the circuit next year. 


For the last few days, the teams and the drivers have been getting the Miami treatment all over town at different sporting events, cocktail events, on the club scene, and in Lewis Hamilton’s case, on the golf course, too. I was surprised that Lewis was not at the Met Gala since he was actually seen in New York on Tuesday and since he’s attended every Met Gala since 2015. Maybe he was saving his party stamina for Miami. 

On Wednesday Lewis participated in a charity golf event with Tom Brady and made this quip during the chipping competition: 


Lewis has yet to win a race this season – not only that, he hasn’t come close. By now everybody knows about Lewis and his struggles with the car. Which of course has led to bigger conversations about his career and whether or not this means he’s finished. Lewis seemed to have a response to this on Instagram:

I mean, nobody should be counting out Lewis ever and Lewis has always loved the heat, I mean that literally and figuratively. Miami, with its spotlight and star factor, is exactly the kind of setting where he thrives. 


But Lewis isn’t just a leader on the track. He also sets an example off the track, and he did that again this week on social media in support of reproductive rights, addressing the draft decision by the Supreme Court that could potentially overturn Roe v Wade: 


This, of course, has prompted the usual chorus of bullsh-t from people who are all like, he’s British, what does it matter to him, etc etc etc. There are no borders to human rights. This is a human rights issue. And it’s not like men can’t be advocates for human rights. Lewis is one of the most high profile athletes in the world and he consistently uses his platform to champion equality. 

As for Lewis’s Miami runway… 

Those green pants on the links the other day were fire. And yesterday he stepped out in Louis Vuitton at the paddock and in the same fit later on at a Mercedes event with There are no doubt multiple looks planned for this weekend and I’m sure he and Law Roach would have had Miami specifically in mind when deciding on his wardrobe. Can’t wait to see the rest of it.