It is officially the first weekend of the 2022 Formula 1 season, which means it’s Lewis Hamilton fashion season as he showcases his first looks in Bahrain. 


Yesterday, Lewis arrived on the paddock runway in red – a bomber and matching pants with white lug sole Balenciaga boots. As we all know, Lewis works with Law Roach, and Law posted the fit to his IG; you can see the difference between how Lewis showed the clothes on his runway and how the look was sent down the runway in Paris: 


For practice today, Lewis chose white: a gorgeous structured jacket with a tie-belt over a pair of ecru pants. Also, he debuted his 2022 helmet: 

So it’s a great start to LH fashion season. 

But… what about on the track? 


Everyone is extra amped for this race and this season because of course what happened at the last race last season in Abu Dhabi with Max Verstappen winning the championship controversially. It’s not a secret – they don’t like each other, their teams, Mercedes and Red Bull, don’t like each other, to the point where it’s kinda gotten ugly. Which is why there is so much anticipation heading into Sunday. 

And if you’re a Lewis fan, you might be worried, because the Mercedes car seems not quite ready yet. Lewis was seventh in the first practice run today. The second is currently underway as of this writing so I don’t have the results, but Lewis has been saying for weeks that the car doesn’t have the pace yet and some have speculated he’s been sandbagging. I really don’t think he is. Especially not with a new and younger teammate who’s currently driving faster than he is. See, now I’m getting anxious. Over motorsports! Who am I and what did Drive to Survive do to me?