Our nephew went through a phase when he was obsessed with Lewis Hamilton. So obsessed that Jacek took him to Montreal for the F1 and he was so jacked the whole time until Lewis skidded out and wasn’t in the race anymore, at which point he promptly sat down and pouted the rest of the day. He was about 15 years old then. So this week I’ve been thinking about who Lewis Hamilton can and has influenced with his activism: white kids in Canada, like my nephew, and his aunt and uncle, who all definitely need to be constantly engaged in conversations about racial equality and justice. (Cele|bitchy) 


Now that Michael K has mentioned it, yes, Vanna White HAS indeed been practicising social distancing well before we all were. She is totally an OG. And while Vanna’s position is one aspect of Wheel of Fortune that doesn’t need to change, the show has been updated for the pandemic… with wheel condoms. I’m just saying sometimes I’m clumsy and if that were me, it might miss the hole. Has this happened yet? (Dlisted) 

I had no idea that this style of cardigan was called a “wine cardigan” but now that I know, I can totally see them on Tami Taylor so, yes, it totally makes sense. I am not a wine cardigan person. I don’t own a single one but I’m probably in the minority. The reason – I feel like a cardigan, naturally, is a v-neck and I generally don’t like myself in a v-neck. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Have you ever had a wholesome experience with a stranger? I probably have…? But I don’t remember it because I have stranger danger. This is something Sasha and I share – we aren’t good with new people. In fact, we are incredibly awkward. Just the idea of a wholesome experience with a stranger feels weird to me because I live life not wanting to experience anything with a stranger. (Pajiba) 

Vogue got exclusive access to BTS while rehearsing for their VMAs performance of “Dynamite”. I love the side-overheard shots of the choreography. I wish there were more overhead angles of them dancing because the quick transitions in their dance moves don’t necessarily translate as well when it’s a straight-on view. (Vogue)