It’s a week before Christmas… and it’s not all love. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are still working out their divorce. And now he has a new new girlfriend – Gabriella Brooks, an Australian model. Miley has been with two people since she and Liam split. Liam too is now on his second romantic situation. So we’re all even! Lainey, love and life is not a score card. I know, I know. But are we sure it isn’t? (Dlisted) 

A British royal jewellery mystery! The Queen wore a maybe new necklace to an event the other night. It’s gorgeous. It matched her tiara. I would be terrified of it. Is it heavy? Is the clasp secure? Anyway, now some people are trying to do CSI on this piece because they’re not sure where it came from or if it’s been repurposed. I mean, I can think of a few other questions to ask the Queen right now but, you know, I suppose jewels is a safer topic than, um, her second son. (Cele|bitchy)

I love this look on Constance Wu – the velvet suit, the tee, the white shoes – but what I’m most interested in is the hairstyle. She’s got “the cut”, what I call the Daisy Jones. Yes, it’s been around a lot longer but for 2019 purposes, it’s the Daisy Jones. And I’ve been so curious about how the Daisy Jones would look on me. It looks great on Constance. But only after styling. How does it work with pin straight hair? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jacek and I have had three dogs, two of them are still with us. He talks to our dogs all day. They know words. Like “not yet”. And “cookie”. And “are you hungry?” And “let’s go pee and poo”. And “grandpa”. And “peanut butter”. And “cat”. Barney loses his sh-t when he hears the word “cat”. I’ve always wanted to have an actual conversation with my dogs. I always want to know what they’re thinking. IF they even think at all. They’re so f-cking stupid sometimes, I’m not convinced that they think. If they could talk, what would their voices sound like? There’s a cat out there with a southern drawl. I don’t know if our dogs would speak with a southern drawn. I really hope that if our dogs did have voices, one of them would have a Cantonese accent. (Pajiba)

Speaking of pet voices, there’s actually been research on the voices we give our pets and why. Why do I want at least one of my dogs to have a Cantonese accent? (The Atlantic)