Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth made two Oscar stops last night – the Elton John annual Oscar party and the Vanity Fair party. Which they’ve not done since 2012. And this is what they looked like back then: 

Liam and Miley in 2012

It’s very similar, isn’t it? Here’s a comparison shot – even her hair is styled in almost the same way. 

Liam and Miley at Elton John

Miley changed into a different dress for Vanity Fair but the dress she wore to the Elton John party (pink and silver) is the one people are talking about. Twitter thinks she’s pregnant. Again. I’m not wasting time on this conversation. I’d rather talk about how they looked together – and at each other. These corny prom photos though: 

Liam and Miley at VF

These two seem super into each other right now. And it’s not like their reconciliation is fresh. It’s been two years. Two full years since they got back together. Every other month there’s another round of speculation that they might be secretly married. They do look kind of honeymoony here. And posing like they know they look honeymoony too. That, to me, if anything, is a better gauge of gossip than how a dress looks and what it may or may not be covering. I’m getting a vibe from these pictures. You?