“THE RANGE!” This is the point in the post where the week caught up to me and …dead. It’s a perfect comment coming after a perfect sentence about Liam Neeson’s, um, body of work. Which can also be described as “The Takens”. Plural. He says it’s going to come to an end…soon. OK but not until he and Tom Cruise star in a movie together because I feel like the frantic, urgent run, shoot, run, shoot, jump, punch, run, shoot thing is what they’ve both been doing for a long, long time. (Dlisted) 


I couldn’t stop talking about this story yesterday – did you hear about how Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner wouldn’t let their Secret Service detail use the bathroom at their place and what lengths they had to go through not to protect those two assholes but to relieve themselves while on the job? Maybe it’s because I can never turn away from a bathroom story and maybe it’s because I can also never turn away from a “that time Ivanka and Jared were f-cking assholes” story but this was a compelling saga.  (Pajiba) 

Back to back Gwyneth Paltrow mentions in this space – but I couldn’t not link to this throwback look from six years ago when G showed up on The Tonight Show in this jumpsuit and it was polarising, because almost everything she does it polarising. I can’t remember what I thought of it back then, and I’m too lazy to check, but I can’t believe no one pointed out that you can see the undergarment lines mid-thigh. On a darker colour you wouldn’t be able to see that but with this blush pink, it’s totally noticeable. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Speaking of assholes, how has Melania Trump being spending her final days at the White House? Whatever she’s been doing (photo shoots and avoiding her husband, probably), it does not involve honouring tradition and welcoming the next family into the place. I know people are criticising her for this but this cannot be a surprise. (Cele|bitchy) 

Well. Here’s a quiz that involves fast food preferences and weddings and age…so participation is a given, although I would not have linked to this quiz if at some point Filet O’Fish wasn’t an option. Anyway, based on my fast food wedding catering, I am 33 years old. I think the Filet O’Fish aged me. (Buzzfeed)