Some people seemed to have some sh-t to say about Paula Abdul’s performance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade yesterday and I obviously agree here with Michael K – what’s the problem? The girl’s got on her sequins and she’s giving it everything while a giant gold turkey is towering over her. This is the right answer every time. (Dlisted) 


Canadian and American Thanksgiving is now over but we still have six weeks of holiday season to go and that means holiday meals featuring, ugh, turkey. Just going to keep saying it since it’s this time of year: turkey is bullsh-t and the best part of a holiday meal is everything BUT the turkey, meaning the side dishes. Always looking for new side dish options and Pop Sugar has put together a list. How am I such an ignorant asshole that I did not know that Ina Garten has a goat cheese mashed potatoes recipe? I am ALL IN. Also… stuffing but with oysters and kimchi! This is straight up f-cking genius and I’m totally doing it. (PopSugar) 

The Fug Girls say that Balmain’s new resort collection will appeal to the Kardashians and I can definitely see it, but I also see the influence of Alessandro Michele’s Gucci put through the Balmain house filter –refined obnoxiousness and barely restrained ego meets architecture. Before Gucci’s rise around 2015 or so, Balmain was house that all celebrities seemed to be wearing. Will the mood shift back to Balmain once again with Michele’s departure from Gucci? (Go Fug Yourself) 


Did you see that video yesterday of Camilla Queen Consort hanging out with some school children and she lifted one little girl’s arm up like she could barely stand to touch her? Not exactly Big Grandmother Energy. (Cele|bitchy) 

I love this interview with Amanda Gorman. She is, obviously, really great with words so when she says that she prioritises “tending to my own self-esteem”, what stood out to me was the choice to use the word “tend”. Like a garden. Something that requires time and intention, and the corresponding verb to that noun is “intend”, which contains the word “tend”, and it’s just layers of meaning and purpose. I also appreciate what she says about fashion and beauty – and how both can be a tool to serve a message, to express a feeling, to share a goal. If Amanda Gorman can care about clothes and makeup, so can we!  (The Cut)