Dear Gossips, 

Lil Nas X is great on Twitter – he’s to the point, he’s defiant and confrontational, and he expertly trolls his haters. He went viral yesterday for precisely that reason: 


After that, he went on Instagram and left a comment, “nah he tweakin”, which became its own meme, with thousands of IG users using the same comment all over the platform, resulting in IG acknowledging the activity and a glitch in the system: 


Since he had everyone’s attention, Lil Nas X took the opportunity for promotion: 

I actually saw the album tweet before the previous tweet about the blood and the skateboards, and what jumped out first was the sincerity in his words. He wasn’t clapping back here the way he usually does. Rather he was sharing a very personal statement about what his album means to him, and how he’s been working on what we’re all working on: self-acceptance…


While, of course, still provoking. The self-described “power bottom rapper” is not only embracing his identity and not only refusing to be shamed for it but wearing the title with pride. His fearlessness is exhilarating. And it has characterised his short but explosive career so far. Lil Nas X is only 22, and he came on the scene with the biggest song of 2019, disrupting the entire music industry along the way – and he hasn’t f-cking stopped. 

Yours in gossip,