We are pretty even here at LaineyGossip between dog people and cat people. Sarah is a cat person. I am a dog person. And our site manager Emily has both. Lil Nas X has joined the cat side. (Cele|bitchy)


Avatar: The Way of Water is now the third highest-grossing film of all time, ahead of James Cameron’s Titanic. Right. But… do people talk about it like it’s the third highest-grossing film? Ordinarily I’d want to see the third highest anything to do with pop culture and yet, I have no desire to see this movie and I don’t feel like I’m missing out either. This Avatar phenomenon is so weird. (Dlisted)

Sydney Sweeney is at the Berlinale promoting a film called Reality and while this outfit is certainly spectacular, especially from the back, with how the embellished part detaches from her body like it’s an appendage, I’m not sure it works as well from the front. That said, this is giving strong early 2000s vibes, like Britney Spears + the Country Music Awards.  (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jason Segel got dumped while he was naked and he tells Conan O’Brien the story – which obviously is still a thing because… of course. He ended up turning it into a hit movie and it’s a great anecdote on a podcast. What’s your worst breakup story and how does it compare to Jason’s? Mine is when my boyfriend broke up with me via his mother. (Pajiba) 

There is so much to watch, so much to catch up on, but do you find yourself rewatching old shows instead? I often do. And there’s reason to believe it’s about more than just nostalgia. (Vox)