Dear Gossips,  

Even though it might not seem like it, because his Uber Eats ads are still playing all over the place, Lil Nas X has been super quiet this year. He’s always been very active, and very funny, on Twitter but he hasn’t tweeted since the beginning of December, when he posted and then deleted that he tested positive for COVID. Same goes for TikTok. His Instagram has been scrubbed save for one post, although it is noted in the bio “love & miss u guys. back soon.”


A few days ago, Nas showed up on someone else’s feed. 

Lil Nas X has shared in the past that Rema is one of the artists he’d like to collaborate with. Maybe it’s happening soon. There’s no doubt that Nas is aware of the speculation surrounding his social media absence and also what the reaction would have been to finally seeing him in a new photo.

As for why he’s been so undercover… 


He has been non-stop since he broke out with “Old Town Road”. And not just with the work but with the heat. Nas is a disruptor. He is trailblazing unapologetically which can be a bumpy ride. Because, as we have seen, there’s been resistance. And he’s out there on his own. He seems to be handling it about as well as possible, but every warrior needs a rest. Every celebrity needs a break too from the spotlight. It’s never a bad idea. And it’s definitely not a bad idea to make people miss you, especially with the Grammys now six weeks away. Lil Nas X is nominated in multiple categories, include three out of the Big Four: Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year. So he will definitely be a factor on April 3. If that’s when he’ll be making his return, it’s a solid strategy. 

Yours in gossip,