The Lily Allen daily fashion show continues and, once again, I appreciate that she is putting so much thought into her nightly pap shots. She knows she’ll be photographed, she might as well serve looks while she’s at it. And with a schedule like hers, some looks will pop and some won’t. This one isn’t a standout for me. I know some people will like it because of the open back detail but my favourite part is the headscarf. What I don’t love is the shoe choice. (Go Fug Yourself)


A lot of people are cancelling their trips to Hawaii for obvious reasons. Paris Hilton did not… and she’s been criticised for it after getting papped on the beach. But she has been trying to get the word out that she’s also been helping – via the Daily Mail. (Pajiba)

Eyerbrows were raised and tea was sipped because Princess Catherine and Rose Hanbury of House Cholmondeley went to a music festival together and what I really want to know is whether or not they wore matching wellies. (Celebitchy)

I own more sets of pyjamas than anything else in my wardrobe and some sets are actually for going out. Pyjama style is the best – comfortable and stylish at the same time. Millie Bobby Brown wore hers recently and everyone is looking for the same brand. (Teen Vogue)

Did you have Madonna tickets? New dates are being announced. (Variety)