I don’t think if this outfit was on a hanger I would give it a second look. The off-the-shoulder top isn’t my thing. And the colour of the skirt isn’t either. The skirt itself though… I f-cking love the shape of this skirt. It’s regal. The whole look is regal. And Lily Collins really leans into the royal vibe of the outfit right up to the hair. Excellent hair choice here. Really Tudor. Like she could have walked straight out of a portrait in a museum. 

And, hopefully, real royals are paying attention? 

Wouldn’t you want to see Princess Kate experimenting with her styling choices like this? The top and skirt would totally pass royal criteria. Kate would ruin it with her basic as f-ck updos. But imagine if she went full Duchess (true Duchess!) and actually gave us some theatricality?