Thoughts on Lily James’s giant taffeta dress last night at the Globes? The skirt was enormous and I like the idea of it but when you’re bunching up that much taffeta… it can look messy. This is a fabric that creases and folds. And from some of the angles it just wasn’t giving a lot of polish. Also I must have missed it but did she and Sebastian Stan make contact at all? I’m not trying to start sh-t, I legit didn’t see any moments between them. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Hugh Jackman was nominated for a Golden Globe but didn’t show because he’s working. The Tuesday event date, I think, was definitely a factor for some people. Especially those not based in LA. Hugh isn’t a frontrunner in the category either – which, for sure, he and his team are well aware of, given that the conversation about him right now isn’t to do with his performance in The Son but we’re talking about Wolverine?! (Dlisted) 

Claire Danes’s Golden Globes dress was very Nicole Kidman to me. As in I could totally picture Nicole in the same. Nicole is SO tall… so I feel like on her the hem would be shorter and we’d be able to see her feet. This is what I think would have made the difference in Claire’s look – shortening it by a couple of inches. (Cele|bitchy) 

I don’t know who had the time for this and I don’t mean it as a judgement either – not at all. It’s a lot of time and a lot of work to compile all these. By “these” I mean clips of Owen Wilson delivering one word. Think of all the movies he’s been in, and how extensive that catalogue is! (OMG Blog) 

Amanda Seyfried won a Golden Globe last night but wasn’t there and a lot of people are wondering what she’s working on. She still won’t get specific but describes it as “magical” and a “musical”. Any guesses? (The Hollywood Reporter)