It’s been a week since Lily James and Dominic West returned to London from Rome together, where they were photographed rather… romantically. Photos of the two were already published by the time they were heading back, on the same flight. And then the next morning, Dominic showed up outside his house with his wife, Catherine, and posed for pictures – all happy happy and nothing to see here, before affixing a note to the shrubs, insisting that their “marriage is strong”. Still weird, still amateur hour. And I still wish he had better crisis management. 


Speaking of crisis management though, keep the marketing and publicity team behind Netflix’s Rebecca in your thoughts because this is not what they thought they’d be dealing with. Their lead actor is now involved in a scandal – and Lily’s pulled out of a few interviews. She’s dropped out of Graham Norton and The Today Show. And I’m curious whether or not it’s because neither of those shows would agree to not ask about it. Publicists often dictate to smaller outlets what they can and can’t ask about during interviews. But you can’t run that sh-t with bigger media. And you certainly wouldn’t be able to do it with The Today Show when that show’s anchor, Savannah Guthrie, would not stand for any of Donald Trump’s f-cksh-t last week at the town hall. How do you think Savannah would take it just days after coming off her masterful cross-examination of the most egregious liar in the world only to be dictated to by an actor’s representatives? Please. 


Rebecca premieres on Netflix on Wednesday and had it all gone to plan, that would be Lily’s focus right now. While Dominic has retreated to his Irish castle to ride out the heat, Lily was always scheduled these last two weeks to be on promotional duty. And that must suck for her – and the Rebecca publicity team – because now she’s the one in the news again with all these cancellations. She’s the one who’s mortified and can’t hide. Also? We don’t know what he told her. If a man can lie to his wife, he will definitely lie to anyone, including and especially the other woman. And if it was an open relationship and everyone’s all chill about this behind the scenes, it’s not like this is public information so Lily still ends up with this on her face anyway because Dominic’s not exactly helping her out. Lily James is not the villain here.