Lionel Richie was confirmed a few days ago as the third and final judge on the American Idol reboot. If you recall, Katy Perry signed on months ago for a reported $25 million. Ryan Seacrest will also be back for a substantial amount of money. But then it took forever to line up the next two judges with several artists reportedly turning down the opportunity. Then the big crowd auditions began and there was still no one locked in. Luke Bryan was finally secured a couple of weeks ago but they ended up coming down to the wire on this as the second stage of auditions is happening this week. It’s done now, though. And Lionel and Luke are with Katy Perry in New York for auditions and on a press tour for the first time together as “the dream team”. That’s what they’re being called. I am side-eyeing this, considering that there seems to be no luck at all so far in these reboot efforts but, at the same time, it’s their only move.

It’s not like they can go on Good Morning America all mopey-faces being like, uh, yeah, no one wanted us to do this show and nobody cares. Their best strategy is to sell the sh-t out of it, starting with these judges.

Do you care now? Do you care a little more? Will it be enough to bring an audience back to a show that people had stopped watching before it was cancelled? I can’t say that I’m all that interested. If there is any interest, it’s in Lionel Richie. With all his experience, his years of performing, writing some of the most famous songs of our time, working with the most famous talent of our time, how will he be as a mentor? I want him to be critical. He doesn’t have to be a prick about it. But I do not want to see Lionel Richie, the man who wrote Brick House, have to waste his time going around in circles trying to tell someone who doesn’t have it that they made him feel something. Because if Lionel Richie believes in someone, then you know.