I posted about Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa the other day. Today is Lisa’s birthday. She’s… WHAT? 50? Denise Huxtable is 50?!? Lisa Bonet and Julia Roberts are the same age. Nobody’s running around yelling “LISA IS 50!” Oprah styles though. That’s never been Lisa’s vibe though. But this has always been one of my favourite celebrity games – Britney and Beyoncé are the same age too. (Dlisted) 

Kate Winslet is going through the Woody Allen cycle. Everyone has their own version of this answer. It just happens that this Woody Allen cycle is cycling in the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein’s disgrace. Like Cate Blanchett would have been pushed a lot harder on this subject during promotion for Blue Jasmine if that film was coming out now. That said… who’s asking Justin F-cking Timberlake about Woody Allen? And the men involved in his films? Why don’t they get the questions?! (Cele|bitchy) 

Kylie Minogue is mixing a lot of ideas with this outfit. I don’t think it’s totally tragic. I like all that white fluff. I just think it’s the wrong kind of leather. It’s like plastic leather. It’s too stiff. Right? And the over-the-knee boots were probably the wrong idea. I would have wanted to see lots and lots of leg. (Go Fug Yourself)
Oh yeah, Prince William and Prince Harry have some kind of cameo in Star Wars. I… don’t think I care. Do you? Nobody was going to see this movie just because they have cameos. The cameos, in fact, were more for THEM as opposed to the audience. So that they could be a part of it. They already have all things, DID THEY HAVE TO HAVE THIS THING? (Pop Sugar) 

Serena Williams is getting married today! The rumour is that Beyoncé and Meghan Markle will be there. Neither have been seen so far as part of the pre-wedding events. Normally Beyoncé would upstage any wedding. But when you’re the greatest of all time, you can’t be upstaged, can you? (TMZ) 

I haven’t read this yet. Saving tonight for dinner. Am having dinner alone tonight and can’t wait to get all kinds of reading done during my meal. It’s Mara Wilson, a child star, defending Millie Bobby Brown, another child star. Am also sending to Duana. We’re recording the first episode of season 2 of Show Your Work on Friday. Should this be in the lineup? (Teen Vogue)