We started the day with the latest in the Celebrity Couple-Off and Drake’s spicy contraceptive, two romantic comedies to lighten the mood before we get to the romantic tragedy – Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa announced their breakup last night. 


Were there signs? Lisa didn’t join Jason at any of the Dune promotional events in the fall and they’re usually good for a red carpet or two on these occasions. Their kids were with him at a couple of appearances so, I suppose, looking back, that may have been an indication. But also, compared to most other celebrities, Lisa Bonet is very low profile. She stays away from the noise. So it didn’t seem super remarkable that she wasn’t there either. 

Noise, however, might be the key here. On public performance, Lisa Bonet is quiet. She does not fuel her own celebrity. Jason may not be the noisiest celebrity but he’s definitely been getting noisier. And you can interpret noisy however you want – his growing fame, the inevitable rumours that come with fame, how his personality has adjusted to that fame – the point is he’s more Hollywood now than Lisa Bonet has ever shown us to be. 


Attached to this post are some photos I never ended up using from just before Christmas, of Jason out at Nobu in Malibu for what the paps called a “guy’s night out” looking like, well, they’d had a “guy’s night out”. You don’t go to Nobu Malibu if you don’t want people to know you’re out. Not exactly a place you’d expect to see Lisa Bonet. Like I said, she’s stays off the grid. And she will remain off the grid going forward, for sure. 


This is the first time since Jason became a household name that he’s been single. Navigating fame is very different when you’re in a known relationship than when you’re on your own, both in how you handle it and how you’re covered. Being with Lisa was an asset to Jason Momoa on public opinion. She’s been one of the baddest bitches in the culture and he benefitted from her eternal cool factor. Yes, of course, we should assess each celebrity on the basis of their own accomplishments and talents. But let’s not pretend here that much of the intrigue wasn’t that he was with HER. That that was part of the fascination, it added to his popularity. And now that there’s no more “them”, it’ll be interesting to see how Jason Momoa manages his own celebrity.