Less than a year after permanently ending things with Diddy, Cassie is pregnant with her now-fiancé Alex Fine. Who really is fine. Which is why I don’t mind their proposal video because, f-ck, he is so hot. You know who had no time for the proposal though? One of those horses behind them. Check out that one horse who took off basically the moment Alex moved toward Cassie. He did not sign up to be part of the background of someone else’s love story on Instagram. (Dlisted) 

Both of those post-VMAs looks are great. I love those black hearts on Lizzo against the white backdrop but I think I love Missy’s LV print blazer even more – because it’s not just a print, it’s like an actual bag that has been turned into a blazer! (Go Fug Yourself) 

A lot of people have sent me this story today and it was such a compliment because if there are two things I desperately want to be associated with it’s Oreos and Cheetos. Those of you who come here often know that I try to talk about Oreos and Cheetos as often as I can. And now there’s going to be a movie about the man who came up with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos which I totally want to see and if they want my help marketing the movie, I’m down for that too. Have you ever tried sprinkling Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust into your chili? You should. IT’s AMAZING. (Cele|bitchy) 

I couldn’t look at too many of these photos of slightly annoying things for too long because I found myself getting more and more annoyed to the point of almost becoming enraged. But that’s because I’m a little bit compulsive. Jacek is the same, especially when he’s doing home improvements or things around the house. Sasha calls our holiday season lights “serial killer lights” because of how perfectly straight they’re lined up along our fence. (OMG Blog) 

This video of Rory McIlroy giving some guy a golf lesson is interesting to me for a couple of reasons. First, I play golf. And I’m actually not bad out of the sand but there’s a really delicate balance between getting out of the trap and being able to get aggressive with the pin. Because you almost never hit the ball clean out of the sand when you’re close to the hole. Second, the dude that Rory’s trying to help doesn’t seem used to someone else getting the applause and not him. (TMZ)