There are a lot of people out here acting as if the pandemic is over. It is far from over. Fourth waves are happening in many countries. In North America, they keep calling for one – even here in Canada, where vaccination rates are generally positive, there’s always a low hum in the background about what’s going to happen in the fall. So Lizzo is not f-cking around, and she says it straight up on Instagram what her life rule is when it comes to personal boundaries. (Dlisted) 


I love this big gold flower brooch on Felicity Jones and it’s not too much at all with those gold buttons, which I would have thought about initially but with her hair styled like this and few other accessories otherwise, it’s the perfect amount of ornamentation with a black suit. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I mentioned Michael Phelps in today’s open and he’s been in Tokyo, and he was asked about Simone Biles, and he obviously supports her decision. He also described the Olympics as “overwhelming” and that “it broke my heart”. And when the person who many people consider to be the greatest Olympian of the modern era, the king of the pool, is talking about those experiences in this way, even though he’s won, like, everything, you can see what a big deal it is for Simone to stand up for herself, and her future, in this moment. (Cele|bitchy) 


Mariah Carey is always ready for Christmas. For some people, the annual “holiday” they look forward to the most is Halloween. I am not one of those people, but some of my friends are already thinking about costumes. Others are thinking about snacks. Now snacks I can get down with. I wish I could put together the combination candy bags because my four favourites are never in the same bag. (OMG Blog) 

A new movie, inspired by Pride & Prejudice, but set on Fire Island, and starring queer Asian American stars. I AM IN. I WANT THIS NOW! (Vulture)