Dear Gossips, 

Lizzo was named Top Song Sales Artist last night at the Billboard Music Awards and we only saw her outfit for the first time when she stepped out onstage to collect it. And her dress may have made more of an impact that way than had it been seen under normal circumstances, upon arrival on a red carpet shared with other celebrities and publicists and wrangles and other people with clipboards milling about and the press on the other side of the rope. 


As Lizzo intended it to be, her dress – which is super cute – was the main event and the message was her main focus: refuse to be suppressed. 

In America right now, the word “suppression” is automatically associated with “voter suppression”. I watched Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump the other night and while the title of the film is self-explanatory, they’re not just making the case that Trump is a menace to America, they connect him to a global menace to democracy, led by unseen powerful forces preying on our collective anxiety. Freedom is being suppressed in many places around the world so the suppression that Lizzo speaks of, it’s not limited to American borders. Which is why now, more than ever, participation is critical. Democracy requires participation. VOTE!

Yours in gossip,