Dear Gossips,   

Tomorrow is Lizzo. She’s dropping her new single “About Damn Time” and she’ll perform it for the first time this coming weekend on Saturday Night Live when she takes on double duty as host and musical guest. 


Speaking of time, though, Lizzo’s planned it so that everything is converging for her at the same time. Her docuseries, Watch Out For The Big Grrrls, about her search for backup dancers, is streaming on Amazon right now – and if you haven’t already, plan for a day when you need a pick-me-up, a reminder of what can be possible, because this show is so joyful and so much fun, it can change your mood. That’s not to say that Big Grrrls is all smiles and no struggle, of course not. Lizzo’s not here to serve toxic positivity and you do see the work that goes into the dancers’ experience, the hustle that’s required, and what happens when self-doubt kicks in, both for the dancers and for Lizzo herself. As Shane O’Neill and Julia Jacobs wrote in the NYT recently, the result is that Lizzo’s “making a new kind of TV show”. 

Also? She’s a REALLY great host. So we’re in for a good time on SNL. 

But there’s more. There’s the show and then there’s Yitty, her new shapewear line, which she’s been modelling herself all over her Instagram, no filter. 


So she’s a great musician, a great host, and also a great spokesperson! Because over and above just posing with the pieces and looking good, she’s actually demonstrating the FUNCTION of the product too, like in this video here. 

The point is, Lizzo has been showing the sh-t out of her work, she is hustling – and it’s all coming together: the music, the docuseries, the fashion, and there’s more on the way. Lizzo’s interested in acting and those opportunities, no doubt, are well on their way. 


As for the new track, I was fortunate to have heard it a couple of weeks ago ahead of my interview with her for etalk which airs this week. James Corden played an exclusive snippet of it when she was on his show a few weeks ago (you can watch that here) and you can tell by that short bit, “About Damn Time” is a bop that will get you dancing but also quoting. 

That’s the thing about Lizzo – she’ll always give great lyric, lyrics that will be instantly adopted by the culture… 

“I do my hair toss”

“Heard you say I’m not the baddest bitch, you lie” – and every line from “Juice” basically

“I’m 100% that bitch”


And my personal favourite: 

“Why men great ‘til they gotta be great?”

Lizzo told me it will be the same with her new album and I already know it’s the same with “About Damn Time”. The very first lyric off the top of the track is something I can’t wait to start texting my friends. So get ready for the song to take over your life starting tomorrow, “About Damn Time”, in time for the long weekend. 

Here’s Lizzo out for the SNL cast dinner last night in New York. 

Yours in gossip,