Dear Gossips,   

I saw paparazzi photos of Lizzo in London the other day in the cutest outfit and it turns out… it’s her own. Lizzo’s Yitty just dropped a smoothing denim collection. This is a complete look – from the bandana to the corset to the jeans to the jacket to the shoes…


I love the shade of blue. I love the monogram. But I think what I like most is the throwback. This is late 90s/early 2000s and hitting me where I miss Aaliyah. Right?! It’s totally giving Aaliyah, isn’t it? 

Lizzo, as we saw, is coming off her big night at the Grammys a couple of weeks ago where she concluded her acceptance speech by thanking Beyoncé. For what? What else? Life! Lizzo told Beyoncé about skipping school to see her perform. Turns out this was a life goal. During an interview on SiriusXM this week, Lizzo revealed that:

“It has been a goal of mine to tell every single member of Destiny’s Child that I saw them perform at Walmart in the fifth grade. I told Michelle Williams years ago at Bonnaroo and I was like, ‘OK, one member down, two to go.'”


Then on Grammy night she checked off Beyoncé and later Kelly Rowland at a party. 

“Beyoncé was like [Kelly], ‘Do you know she was at the show at the Walmart? I tell people we performed at Walmart all the time and they do not believe me.’ “I was like, ‘Yeah, y’all performed at a Walmart on Dunvale and Westheimer in Houston, Texas.’ […] Kelly was like, [gasps] ‘You were there?'”

When is Beyoncé telling people “all the time” that they performed at Walmart? And who are the people who aren’t believing her?!?

Yours in gossip,