Dear Gossips, 

“It’s bad bitch o’clock…thicc thirty!” 

In other words, Lizzo Time. “About Damn Time”, the first single off of Lizzo’s upcoming album, Special, due out in July, was released last Thursday ahead of her appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend as host and musical guest. And she made history, being the first female host to introduce herself: 


This is typically the job of the SNL host, to introduce the musical guest. And the thing about Lizzo is that she’s a really great host. She’s high energy, she’s obviously well-rehearsed, she’s generous, and she’s game. Game for anything…although I’m not sure the writers did her justice in some of the sketches. And I’m not sure the production did her music justice in her performances because the sound was way off. Which is too bad because the songs are SO good. Especially the second song she did, “Special”, the title track from the new album. 

This is the song I’ve been waiting on, ever since she shared a few bars of it on social media a few months ago: 

You can’t wait to hear the studio version now, right? 

“In case nobody told you today – you’re SPECIAL!” 


I need to wake up to this song every morning!


Attached: Lizzo arriving at the SNL afterparty. 

Yours in gossip,